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About Us

PartsCargo is an online shop for OEM or aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories. This E-commerce platform has been designed to ensure that customers can find out the right parts for their vehicle as well as purchase them at highly competitive prices. We aim to satisfy all of our customers’ needs for automotive parts and also ensure that they have a great experience in this process.

User-Friendly Platform

Our E-commerce platform has been deliberately designed to make it easy and highly convenient for our customers to find the right automobile part, make online purchases and keep constant track of the status of their order.

Huge Inventory of Aftermarket Parts

Our exclusive and diversified relationships with manufacturers and suppliers will provide our customers access to an ocean of aftermarket parts. We maintain and offer an extensive stock of automotive parts to be able to meet any and all of customers’ needs.

Competitive Prices

We pride on the fact that we are able to offer the best prices to our customers. We continuously strive to provide estimates to our customers than our competitors.

Friendly and 24/7 Customer Support

Our expert Customer Service agents are available round the clock to listen to and address any queries or issues you might be facing. We intend to resolve any problems for our customers with a high level of diligence and swiftness.

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